Reader Mode Premium

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💬 Quick backstory
I started working on Reader Mode in November 2019 last year as a means to pay the bills and survive as an indie maker. Fast-forward 6 months later, it has been used by more than 19,000 people! Following the incredible growth that it’s been having and after months of hard work, I am now introducing a new line of product: Reader Mode Premium.

✨ Main features
The ultimate key difference between this Premium version vs Free and Pro version is that all saved articles will be stored in the unlimited cloud storage that comes with each Premium account. This move has let Reader Mode as product to unleash a whole new spectrum of features such as:
– Sharable articles in Reader Mode format
– Read-it-later mode
– Research mode
– Full-text search
– Favourites
– Tags for articles
– Sync styles & settings
– Organization folders
– Citation generator

That’s a lot of features! While still being a fully cuztomizable distraction-free reader with accessibility supports and research tools, it is also now the best all-rounded online reading toolkit that is perfect for anyone that is looking to organize their research , work, studies and online content in general.