Speaking at Jomlaunch Asia 2020

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Jomlaunch Asia is a conference for bootstrappers, indie hackers, solo founders, solo developers, indie SaaS in Asia founded by Iszuddin Ismail or Dino. I did have a chat session with him talking about Reader Mode and my indie hacking journey back on May this year if you are interested on that.

A free Jomlaunch shirt that I got

Anyways, it is an extended sessions/day of the Jomlaunch conference which was usually held physically in Malaysia. But since the pandemic happened in 2020, they decided to held a virtual conference instead.

I was invited by Dino to give a talk there as one of the speakers and I decided to give a talk about my journey on how I bootstrapped my microstartup Reader Mode to profitability and named my talk as “Bootstrapping with a Chrome Extension”. Not sure whether is the most suitable title but I just went with it. In the talk, I explained the process of how I got the idea, how I built, launch, grow and get the press etc for Reader Mode.

My talk session on Airmeet

The event was held on 28 November this year via Airmeet and I was the fourth speaker that day along side 5 other speakers which are all very talented bootstrapped solo founders and indie hackers. I suppose to give the talk at 3.45pm Malaysian time. And that means around 7.45am UK time. My original plan was to wake up early that day and started my talk, but I ended up not sleeping the whole night throughout the event instead 😂

Jomlaunch and Jomlaunch Asia 2020 Schedule

Some photos:

Briefing about the conference, few days before
With Nina, the host for that day

I’m not sure yet wheather to share my whole video of the talk or slides etc. So I will leave this post like this here right now, and will update more soon once I decided and have all the resources ready 🙂